Norway Interesting fact | Norway unknown facts

Norway Facts | Norway Interesting fact

Today we are going to tell you about a country  is called the country of light. Because you can see the sunlight here even in the middle of the night. This is a country where people take bath in ice water even in the winter months Because they believe that bathing with cold water keeps their good luck. 

Here you will see such charisma of nature which will not be there anywhere else. It is said that the people of this country are very calm and emotional. The world's longest tunnel has been built in this country Whose name is Laerdal Tunnel

Today we are talking about the paradise of the earth and the beautiful country of Eatrh is Norway. 

Population fact about Norway

First of all let us tell you that the Official name of Norway is Kingdom of Norway The total population of this country is around 5.5 Million. And 84% of the total population live in the city and 16% in the village of Norway. Norway is a small country, even though it is counted in the rich country. Norway is considered the most peaceful country in Europe according to the Global Peace Index. Whenever it comes to the happiest country in the world, Norway is definitely there. 

People Nature of Norwegian

The people of the world's most peaceful nature are from Norway. The people here get very less angry, although the people here are not very social and Norwegians only care about their work. They never interferes in the work of others, Unless it asked someone's opinion. 

Norway is the 6th largest country in Europe. In terms of area, the country shares its borders with Sweden, Russia, Finland and Denmark. The good thing is that Norway has never had any dispute with its neighboring country The reason for this is that people here only care about their work. 

Language fact about Norway

Despite Norway being a small country, it has made a lot of progress. The official language of Norway is Norwegian but it is also of two types, meaning the language is the same but the dialect is spoken in different ways. One way is called BOKMAL, the other is called NYNORSK. Whenever a tourist comes here, they definitely have language problems Because very few people speak English in this country.

Literacy Fact about Norway

The people of Norway country are very educated. According to a survey conducted in 2018, Norway's literacy rate is 99%. People just read books here in off time and want to read different types of books. The most amazing thing is that every city in Norway will have at least 4 libraries. 

Nature fact about Norway

In the north of Norway, the sun remains out for about 76 days from several months to July Actually this country is near to the North Pole Due to which it remains Night here throughout the winter. The sun sets in Norway at 12:46 pm And after 40 minutes the sun comes out again. This means that people here have to sleep only in sunlight. 

Interesting Law of Norway

Norway's law which is very different If you keep a dog, then you have to always keep this thing in mind that you cannot keep your dog tied up. If you have very important work then you can tie it in such a situation or else not. According to the rule here, if you harass your dog, then understand that you can be punished. Here animals and humans are all equal. In this country, even if a man by mistake harm some animal then understand that he can also be sent jailed. 

Punishment fact about Norway

Norway's punishment style is also different. If someone kills here, he will not be hanged here nor will he be imprisoned for life. The biggest punishment here is 21 years As soon as a prisoner completes 21 years, he is freed Although the prisoner is completely reformed in 21 years. an island about 75 km from coast of (Oslo) Capital of Norway has Bostoy Prison and The surprising thing is that here is a holiday for criminals Almost the prisoner has every kind of freedom to work in this jail This is because the Norwegian government says that the effort to reform crime should be from day one. 

Myth of Norwegian

The people of Norway believe that when you take a bath with icy water in the winter month, you are always happy. The people of Norway believe that there is a scientific reason behind it. People say that by taking bath with cold water in the winter months, maximum oxygen reaches the brain and this makes you happy all year long. 

There is a different concept among the people of Norway about ghosts. People believe that these negative powers remain in our midst They say that ghosts also live in this world like us humans and live their lives. 

Best food of Norway

You will find more than one dish to eat in Norway Sweet food is very much liked among the people here. Norway's national food is Farikal. It is very easy to make Cabbage and meat in a large pot, pepper, salt, some vegetables, wheat flour, mixed with sauce  and then covered with water and boiled until the meat becomes soft. Potato is also served with it on one side. Norwegians love to eat Non-veg food. Because it is very cold here, so pork is eaten here a lot. 

Along with this, people here also drink a lot of Wine. People here drink wine with most of their meals, Red wine is very famous among the people of Norway.

Norway Ban Radio

Norway is the first country in the world where FM Radio has been completely Banned. But why has this been done, for what? no one knows. But in 2017 the radio was completely banned in Norway. 
Norway Interesting fact | Norway unknown facts

Troms City of Norway

There is a town in Norway called Troms and as soon as it is night in the city In the same way, a very amazing light starts appearing in the sky, These lights are called Northern Lights. This city in North Norway and on the shores of the Arctic Sea does not see the sun for al humost 6 months And the other 6 months the sun never sets. The night of this city is considered the most colorful in the world. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the city and Colorful light of night. People from all over the world come to see the colorful sky view in this Norwegian city. 

Achievements of Norway

The world's largest tunnel is built in Norway, whose length is 15 miles i.e. about 25 KM This tunnel connects Laerdal and Aurland. The view inside this tunnel is very beautiful. 

Because there is greenery in this country, so the government and people here know a lot about Green Life Importance. Let me tell you that in the year 2008, the Norwegian government donated 1 billion Dollar to save the Amazon forest. 

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