What is Leg Cramp | Leg Cramp Causes | leg cramp Home Remedies

What is a leg Cramp | Causes of Leg Cramp

At night, suddenly the pain and cramps start in the legs. The stiffness you feel in the calves or feet is called leg cramps. Dehydration can be one of the main causes of cramps in the legs at night. This pain completely ruins your sleep. The pain caused by a muscle is severe enough to cause trouble falling asleep or walking. 

Cramps in hands and feet are caused due to a deficiency of Vitamin 'B' in the body. There is a very severe pain due to contraction in the muscles inside the legs and abdomen on one side, which feels a little relief by rubbing. long time excercise long term in summer or hot weather or doing more physical work which can also cause muscle cramps. 

Causes of Leg cramp

When the nerves in the spinal cord are compressed, it can produce cramping and pain in the leg muscles. Excessive increase in weight, swollen feet, and fatigue increase the chances of leg cramps. 

Causes of Leg cramp at night

If the arteries that carry blood to the legs become constricted, it can cause cramp in the muscles of your legs. People suffering from Hypothyroidism this often have problems with cramps in the legs at night. This can be one of the main causes of muscle cramps, fatigue, and weakness. 

Causes leg Cramp by nutritional

Lack of nutrients, essential minerals like potassium, sodium etc. Sometimes leg cramps also occur at night due to too much exercise. But if it is persistent, then deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) can be the cause of deep vein thrombosis. In this condition, blood clots form in the legs.

What causes leg Cramp in diabetics

People suffering from Diabetes may have to face this problem. Therefore, to avoid cramps in the feet, it is important to keep an eye on the level of blood sugar.

Causes leg Cramp in child

Pain occurs when the muscles become tired. Therefore, when children run, climb, jump, and play throughout the day, there may be pain in their feet at night. Cramp pains can also happen due to weak bones of children.
What is Leg Cramp | Leg Cramp Causes | leg cramp Home Remedies

What causes leg Cramp in pregnancy

1. Accumulation of fluid in the legs, causing swelling, also known as 'edema'.

2. More than one baby is growing in the womb; Such women have more amniotic fluid to feed both fetuses. So they may experience more leg cramps and edema than usual. 

3. Weight gain due to pregnancy.

4. As the growing of Pressure on blood vessels and uterus and baby grow, the veins in the legs.

5. Lifting heavy goods.
Take a immediately bath ( Hot bath or Pour hot water ) on the affected area. Its helpful to reduce pain of cramp area.

Leg Cramp Releif home remedies

Apply a hot towel or heat pad to the spasm area to reduce the cramp.

If there is a cramp in the calf muscle, then put the weight of the body on that leg and try to bend your knee.

Stretch the muscle that is causing the cramp and touch it lightly.

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