Iron Rich Food List which Help to Reduce Anemia - Iron Food immunity booster

Food Rich in Iron | Iron Rich Food List

Iron is a Mineral. Our body need that for many functions. Iron is found in RBC (Red Blood Cell) which is called haemoglobin And it also found in muscle cell is called in myoglobin. It help blood cell to arrive oxygen in whole body and muscle store. 

Iron help to maintain our immune system, the regulation of body temperature, focus, general energy and gastrointestinal. 

Functions of Iron in our body

Increase energy production
Create Red blood cell
Reduce fatigue
Transport oxygen in our body
Maintain healthy cell
Keep your immune system strong

Iron food and Iron rich food

Iron Rich Food List which Help to Reduce Anemia - Iron Food immunity booster

Spinach Iron Food

Spinach is a nutrition plant. It's a iron food but it has low calorie. 2.7 mg of iron has found in 100 gm spinach. Spinach is also a antioxidant It's help to prevent eye disease.

Legumes Iron Food

Beans, peas, soyabeans, lentils are legumes. It is fully nutrients. Its a iron rich foods. And it also has minerals. One cup of legums contain 6.6 mg iron. 

Shellfish Iron Food

It is very tasty and fully Nutrient Iron rich food. All shellfish contain iron, oysters and mussels. It may contain 3 mg of iron in 100 gm shellfish. It has also protien, vitamin c and vitamin b12.

Liver, kidney, brain and heart of meats is a Iron Food

Organ meat have high iron and nutrition. It has 6.5 mg iron per 100 gm meat and protien, copper and selenium.

Fish Iron Food

Fish is a highly Iron rich food and nutrition ingredients. Some varieties of fish like tuna is rich Iron food. Tuna has 1.4 mg iron in 90 gm. 

Here is some list of Iron rich food name

Coocked beef
Coocked turkey
Pumpkin seeds
Wheat germ

Here is some drink name which contain Rich Iron

Prune juice
Mint juice
Spinach juice
Beetroot juice
Veggie blend juice 
Halim Drink

Anemia Deficiency of Iron:

Anemia is a disease causes of iron deficiency. Without enough iron our body does not produce Haemoglobin ( Red Blood Cell ) and lack of Red Blood Cell oxygen does not supply properly in our body, as a result we feel tired and short of breath. 

Symptoms of Anemia:

Pale of skin
Chest pain
Cold hands and feet
Fast heartbeat
Shorts of breath

Prevention of Iron Deficiency ( Anemia ):

You can reduce risk of Anemia by choosing Iron Food. There are two types of Iron Food vegetarian and Non-vegetarian.

Vegetarian Iron Rich food:


Non-vegetarian Iron Rich Food:

Red meat
Pork and Poultry
Liver, brain, Heart and kidney in Meat (organ)
Tuna (fish)

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