Home Remedies for Eye Pain | eye watering home remedies

Home remedies for eye Watering | dry eyes:

Pain in the eyes is a common problem, which can be of different types, such as burning in the eyes, stinging, feeling like something in the eyes, pain, twitching, or sudden sharp pain etc. Headache and sinus symptoms may also join eye pain symptoms. Therefore, if there is any problem related to the eye, then contact the doctor immediately and get the right treatment.

In some cases, such as in an eye injury, the cause of the pain is obvious. But it's often difficult to know why your eye hurts.

A sore eye can cause a variety of sensations and accompanying symptoms, which can help your optician determine the cause of your discomfort and prescribe the right treatment for eye pain.

Eyes are one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of our body, so the effect of anything on them is very quick, if there is any problem in the eyes, then the eyes start feeling pain. Nowadays, due to working in front of the computer or keeping eyes fixed on the mobile all day, along with headache, there is pain in the eyes.
Home Remedies for Eye Pain | eye watering home remedies

Causes of eye paining:

Pain in the eyes is very painful and due to this the person is unable to do any work. Along with pain in the eye, other symptoms are also seen such as 
Sensitivity to light,
Redness in the eyes, 

Although this pain occurs mostly in those people who wear glasses of high power, but sometimes due to excessive stress on the eyes or TV for many hours in general.

The pain in the eyes is sometimes accompanied by headache and sometimes there is pain in the front of the head and forehead along with the eyes.

Home remedies for dry eyes and painful eyes:

Massage therapy:
Massage is beneficial to relieve eye strain, pain due to prolonged work. To massage, rub lukewarm olive oil on the palms and with the help of fingers, massage the upper muscles of the eyebrows for 10 seconds. Do it like this 1-2 times a day.

Rose water:
Rose water for eyes pain: Rose water is beneficial to remove pain in the eyes. Rose water is considered beneficial to remove tiredness from the eyes. It has antiseptic properties that protect the eyes from infection. To use it, put rose water in the eyes twice a day.

Tea Bags:
You can use green tea bags to treat burning sensation in the eyes. Before using it, you cool the tea-bags in the fridge and then place them on your eyes. This will give you relief from the problem of burning eyes.

Cucumber can help in reducing eye pain. Its cooling effect will be helpful in relaxing. Cut cucumber slices and keep them in the fridge. When it cools down, close your eyes and keep it on the eye.

Put a drop of honey in the eye, but do not be afraid if there is a burning sensation. It will give relief in eye pain.