Healthy food list, benefit, which food make Health better | food best for all people

Top Healthy Food | Benefits healthy food:

WHO ( World Health Organization ) Said that health is a complete physical's state, social and mental well being and not merely the lack of infirmity and disease. 

Health can be promoted by healthful activities such as physical and mentally excercise and by reducing un-healthful activities ( like: smoking and excessive stress ). Some factor of mental health:

Trauma and abuse
Genes or brain chemistry
Mental health problem Family's history.

List of healthy food:

Healthy food list, benefit, which food make Health better | food best for all people

Healthy food Chart:-

1. Fruit and berries like: apple, Avocados, Bananas, strawberry, blueberries, orange etc.

2. Meat like: chicken breast, goat, lamb, beef etc.

3. Egg

4. Nuts like: almond, walnut, cashew, macadamia nut etc.

5. Seeds like: coconut, chia seeds etc.

6. Vegetables like: broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, garlic, cucumber, onion, Tomato, carrot etc.

7. Fish and seafood like: shellfish, tuna, Sardines etc.

8. Grains like: Oats, Brown Rice, Quinoa etc.

9. Breads

10. Legums like: peanut, lentils, green beans etc.

11. Oil like: olive oil, coconut oil etc.

12. Dairy products like: yogurt, milk, cheese, butter etc.

13. Potatoes

Healthy food for loosing weight:

You may know that healthy food is good for health. Mostly people are suffer from fat in the world by eating regularly junk food. They want to loose their weight. They eating supplement to loose weight but in this blog I tell you some healthy food name whom you eat you definitely loose your weight. If you want to loose weight then you eat this food I listed below their name. 

Leafy greens Like: Spinach, kale etc. Leafy green vegetables are high in antioxidant, vitamins and mineral. Which help to burn fat in your body.

Broccoli it has only 30 calories per cup. It has vitamin C and K. It good source of folate.

Pumpkin A half cup ( size of Cup ) of pumpkin has only 50 calories. It has fiber, iron, vitamin A and E. 

Almond It a good source of Loosing Weight. Because almond is a good source of fibre. Fibre are helpful to burn fat.

Notice: If you really want to loose weight then don't skip breakfast and keep avoiding junk food and Alcohot. Keep doing Excercise or Yoga because if you doing Excercise regularly you daily burn calories. And Burn fat also. 

Benefit of Healthy food:

Everyone know that A healthy man makes their own day. Today's life everone want a peaceful life without any problem or stress. But no-one can't escape from problem or stress. If you health is good then you able to face your problem by physically and mentally. If you weak in your health then problem face you badly. If you want to become healthy then eat good and do good. Do daily excercise and became wealthy. 

1. Feeling better in mentally
A healthy man has a healthy mentally power. And he is ready to face any situation and give the answer quickly because their nervous system is good for thinking.

2. Saving money 
A healthy person is good for saving they don't waste their money like Alcohol, gambling and smoking etc.

3. Control of your life 
Better health help you control in your life.

4. Heart Health
According to a survey In United States country more than 3 million people in a year has suffer from heart disease. If you became healthy than its increase Heart health.

5. Strong bones and Teeth

6. Diabetes management.