About Gene some important question for exam | term of gene, Chromosome in gene

Whait Is Gene | Term of Gene for Exam:

The process of transfer of hereditry character from one generation to Next generation is named genetics. Johan Mendel is understood as father of genetics. Mendel experiments were supported cross breeding of two pea having contrasting characters for same feature i.e. tall and dwarf character plant are for height of plant. He extended his work by two or three pair contrasting characters called dihybrid and trihybrid cross. He concludes some result on the idea of his experiment called Mendel's law .

Mendel's Law of Gene:

Law of paired unit:
Mendel proposed that when two dissimilar unit factors are present in a private just one is in a position to precise . One that expresses itself is dominant unit factor while other which fails to precise is recessive unit factor. 
For example tallness is dominant over dwarfness.

Law of dominance:
Offspring of cross breed parent only show dominant characters in F¹ generation.

Law of segregation:
In F² generation both the character which is
governed by gene is separated.

Law of independent assortment:
During dihybrid and tribhybrid cross two or three pair of characters are taken. These characters segregate
separately without counting on other in F² generation.

Terms of Gene for Student :

About Gene some important question for exam | term of gene, Chromosome in gene

Linkage term in Genetics:

Linkage is an exception of Mendel law. When two different gene are present on an equivalent chromosome their effects happen together insted of independently. This phenonmenon is understood as
Linkage. The word linkage first coined by Morgan.

Mutation term in Genetics:

 A sudden change within the gene which is heritable from one generation to other. The term Mutation was first coined by Hugo de vries.

Variation term in Genetics:

When characters are transmitted from one generation to next generation there's some change. Change in characters by recombination gene in offspring takes place they looks different from their parents. This phenomenon is understood as Variation.

Chromosomal aberrations term in Genetics:

Any change in chromosomal structure is understood as Chromosomal aberrations.

Cloning Term in Genetics:

ingIt may be a process of manufacturing many identical organism from one cell having some genetic character as his mother.

Totipotency term:

It is the potential ability of a plant cell to grow into an entire plant.

Pluriopotency term:

It is the potential ability of s cell to develop any quite the cell of animal body.

Genetically modified organism (GMO):

Manipulation of a gene by cutting or joining the segment of DNA to urge desired sorts of organisms is named genetically modified organism. this is often also known gene-splicing .


Chromosomes found in cell which are liable for characters aside from sex are called autosomes.

Human have 23 pair of chromosome during which 22 pair are autosome and 1 pair is chromosome .

Sex Chromosome:
The pair of chromosome which determine sex of organism is named sex-chromosome.